Payment methods

Electronic payment - the most comfortable and very fast way to implement the order. During working hours, funds will be credited to our account usually immediately.

Bank transfer payment
- order processing time depends on the moment of confirmation of payment. Depending on the bank, as standard, this takes up to two working days.

Cash on delivery
- the fastest method, allowing immediate implementation of the order. It is worth to remember that this method is also encumbered with additional delivery costs.

Depending on the order value, chosen delivery method and own preferences, you can choose one method of payment from the following ones:
  • Electronic payment - ordinary transfer - payment should be made to the indicated bank account number which will be provided to you in an e-mail message confirming acceptance of the order. Bank transfer can be made via Internet, at the post office or in the bank. After confirmation of the payment on our account, we will start implementing the order.

  • Electronic payment - by the payment operator - the most comfortable and safe method of making payment via Internet. In our shop, we use the PayU and payment system, to with you will be redirected in order to make payment. Entire process takes place fast and safely – you select your bank and make payment.

  • Collection - you pay cash at receipt of the product (to the courier, postman or in the Polish Post division - depending on the delivery method). This payment method is associated with payment for implementation of the order which does not occur in case of other payment methods.

PayU and systems support safe transactions:
  • electronic transfers, bank transfers,

  • E-Transfers,

  • Erata installments from Dotpay, mRaty,

  • Visa and MasterCard payment cards (including Masterpass and VisaCheckout wallets),

  • PayPal,

  • other.

Payment channels supported by

Payment channels supported by PayU